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Jun 30, 2013 1:00pm PDT
to take the 270,000 reduction, we will start a year on the deficit spending. and whether that will be directed during the year, as the people leave when we do not hire people and there are vacancies that remains to be seen. >> okay. >> supervisor weiner? >> i don't think that they will be obligated to do a supplemental and if we think that they are going to need the salary, and we should appropriate it, because what will happen is that in the nine months out or however, they are going to come back and no one is going to remember when and it will look like they want more money and no one did a good job and it was really a board that cut that budget. it is a question if they need the money or not. >> okay, folks, supervisor breed? >> my biggest problem is i just don't understand, i just don't understand what that means. it just does not make any sense to me. and i'm looking at this report, and i have reviewed the report, and i feel like the budget analyst is saying, one thing that i do understand, and the da's office is saying something that i don't understand. and it makes sense in ter
Jul 1, 2013 4:00pm PDT
are better and better each year. doesn't mean we don't have a deficit. we still have a deficit in the budget. this year coming $123 million, and the second year in the budget covering 2014/15 has 56 million deficit. we are not out of woods. but these numbers are better than $500 million and $700 million budget deficits that we used to have a few years ago. our city is doing better. we are concerned about how to fulfill that deficit. but we are also concerned about what is happening to seniors, what is happening to youth. what is happening to families. our open space. our small businesses. our environment. we are all concerned about that as well. of course i must say about our housing authority as well. so we are taking on a lot of responsibility and because we are and because we are very busy doing the work we are. sometimes we need your input to steer us in the right direction for what things you think are important. so we are open to that. and we want to hear from you tonight. enough speeches. let's get on with it. may i have a couple words from supervisor avalos and farrell. >>
Jun 30, 2013 3:00pm PDT
when we started holding these community meetings, we had some significant budget deficits. and in years past they were even worse. now we've come through a lot of that and i'm thankful to all the department heads that are here because they worked very hard to work with me to find all the efficiencies, to make sure we balance that budget. clearly, the members of the board of supervisors and today we're focused on districts 1 and 4, but i want to thank supervisor mar, supervisor tang, and supervisor farrell for providing their leadership at the board because we can only make it work if the mayor and the board work together. but most importantly, we've got to listen carefully to our residents. and i want to begin by saying this has been a pretty intense week for all of us. you know, we all watched together the horrifying events that happened in boston. they don't follow too long from what happened in connecticut. and i just want you to know that i think i watched a lot with you about what transpired and i'm very glad that we're investing in our law enforcement, but we also have to in
Jun 30, 2013 4:00pm PDT
million budget deficit heading into next year. but we're all committed as a budget here to you and everyone in san francisco that we will have an open and transparent process, that we will manage our finances in a very fiscally responsible manner going forward, and that our budget that comes out will reflect the priorities of all people who live here in san francisco. i commit that to you and i look forward to a long process and coming in july having a budget that, again, reflects all of our priorities together. so, thank you for being here today. (applause) >> there are actually a number of other people that i think had signed cards, but i'll make sure that any of the questions and comments that people wrote on the cards are given to kate howard and leo and the budget office so that they're integrated into the budget process. i also want to thank everyone for the very thoughtful comments. also, if anyone has any questions or comments for the budget process, please fill that out in the cards and we'll make sure it gets integrated. for my role on the budget committee as well, i thin
FOX Business
Jul 4, 2013 4:00pm EDT
country has cut, the more unemployment it has, a recovery is worth the deficit. >> i bit he agrees with paul krugman and thinks that more government spending will help an economy even though is did not work for hoove and roosevelt in the 30s, not for japan in 90s not for bush in 2008, not fo oba in 2009, it never worked anywhere. john: people believe it. >> politicians love the theory. it tells them their advice hav is a virtue. >> they like to spend. yeah, i am with you, i wil be first in line. line. >> any good examples? any coury that has done it right. >> i just go the back from europe, got off the plane today, came here because this show is the best place to be, the baltic countries. estonia, they have done the righ thing, they cut government spending i say cut, i am not talking about washington thing, we increase spending at 6% instead of 8%. no, in battle tick countries -- battle ticbaltic county its was. >> those economies are growing? >> t are growing, they recovered, jobs are coming back, they have positive gtp, economy growth, while the country that have gone with the tax inc
Jul 5, 2013 4:00am PDT
, an update on the nation's deficit. plus, the ups and downs of owning theme park stocks. and, how long is too long to sit through movie trailers before the big show? we are starting our morning with trader tim biggam, who is our star trader of the day. he is on the trading floor at cboe. good morning, and i'm wondering what summer trends you suspect will be happening in this market, especially with job growth and what's been going on with the economy. - absolutely. it's almost, i think, kind of a summer non- trend here. i think it will be somewhat range-bound over the summer, "big range, no change," i call it. that 1650 level to the upside in the s&p i think will kind of be a ceiling, tough to get through there. conversely, that 1550 level that we hit a couple weeks ago to the downside, there probably will be some good support around there, buffered by the fed coming in and still doing their monthly p.o.m.o. to support stocks. but valuations getting a little bit stretched if we head higher, so i look for kind of a trader's market, where you want to be selling rallies, buying dips.
Jun 28, 2013 6:30pm PDT
deficit in salary costs. the deficit is slightly lower because of the delay between separation and the hiring has loefrd the salary costs. but we're actively recruiting to fill the medical examiners positions and that's the national association of medical. we ask i regret those cuts to maintain a staff. as for the equipment that's open our list we're aware well, i think it was a policy decision before the board the vehicle replacements were part of our budget to replace those 12 years and older. we have to take take into consideration the maintenance and the fuel and economy of the vehicle. we're totally in support of those decisions. thank you and if you have any questions i'm here to answer >> ms. kelly the only conflict between our office and the other office is regarding the medical examiner positions. >> that's correct. >> i see at least in the previous report about a half of year can you talk about the implementation if not funded. >> the implementations is really again we'll lose >> we're going having a instant turnover. where you - >> we're in the interviewing process there's a
Jun 30, 2013 9:00pm EDT
skew was -- building schools program. that is the mess we inherited, as well as a record deficit. but it is this government that is providing half a minute extra school laces. -- places. another one. in october 2000 11, he said he wanted to bring forward "every single infrastructure project in the pipeline." how many have been completed? >> let me give him the figures for infrastructure spending. our annual infrastructure investment is 33 billion pounds per year. that is 4 billion more every year than ever achieved under labour. now let me give him the figures for road schemes. we are investing more in major road schemes -- >> the answer from the prime minister must be heard. him fromions to whichever side of the house must be heard. it is very clear. it is very simple. it is called democracy. the prime minister. >> how many of the schemes have been completed? you cannot build a nuclear power station overnight. they had 13 years. they did not build a single one. now let me give him the figures. electrifyingnt is more than 300 miles. perhaps he can tell us how many were electrified und
Jul 1, 2013 7:00am EDT
deficit this year is going to be a lot bigger than we expected. it's not nine or 10%, its 13 or 14% of gdp. the finance minister just took this job, just one election, he asked are you sure? are you sure? because suddenly they felt their be able to enacted after winning these elections was not going to be possible, is going to be a time of austerity and budget-cutting rather than doing new things. the european crisis i think it's a challenging was an american to understand because the political context in europe is messy and different. what we saw over and over is the ecb in brentford is the unified central bank, it works very effectively not unlike the federal reserve of the government and a 17 governments in the euro zone, that create some very trying times. i remember when i but in the world was worrying about what slovenia was going to be. slovenia say country of 3 million people. if department did not approve it in those what could have resulted? we're all waiting on slovenia. if you think having u.s. congress and having to see what they do, imagine you get 17 of them to deal with
FOX Business
Jul 3, 2013 11:00am EDT
% of the american work force and the u.s. trade deficit unexpectedly widened in may. sluggish abroad slowed to $45 billion. that's a 12% jump from april and marks the biggest month-to-month increase in two years. that's the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets. [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. cheryl: we'll show you incredible pictures out of cairo, egypt. we're continuing to follow this very tense situation. the deadline, 41 minutes ago. president morsi is refusing to step down. the military threatening to intervene and take over control of the country. about 20 minutes ago we were told reports that the military leaders have entered the main tv station in cairo and there could be a statemen
Jun 27, 2013 10:00am EDT
cuts by replacing the sequester in its entirety as part of a big and balanced solution to deficits. now, we had a deal. it was called the budget control act. o.m.b. now estimates it cut $1.4 trillion. it's not as if we ignored the deficit. $1.4 trillion. but we didn't get all the way to where the speaker said we needed to be, and therefore we adopted the sequester. which irrationally cuts congressional record -- across-the-board the highest priority and lowest priority. our ranking member on the budget committee, the democrat, chris van hollen, has tried seven times to bring to this exactly slation to modify this policy so we had a rational national security protecting, vulnerable citizens protecting alternative while saving and getting to the same budget deficit reducing number. the same. however, our republican colleagues have refused the opportunity to consider that on this floor. we hear a lot about the speaker saying let the house work its will. seven times, seven times we have asked this house leadership to give us the opportunity to work our will. the best way to achieve the
Jun 28, 2013 7:30pm PDT
that we do get our classifications frozen during the time of deficit. we have a deficit this year; so many times that is part of the process. we never try to close a position. we also have new testing exams that take a long time for dhr to develop so it is basically timing issue of trying to get all the positions in line and getting them open. at times we have an open req and positions get frozen and we have to go through the whole process all over again. >> supervisor breed: is there not a need for this position? >> yes there is that we have a negotiation with the budget analyst and we clearly see that after two years we would have to let the position go. >> supervisor breed: and -- were you in the process of hiring or trying to fill that particular position? >> that position would be over 100-200 positions, clearly every position is important but some of them take a lot more time to get hired. >> supervisor breed: what are we talking about in terms of timing? >> depends on where it is in the process, we have to open it again and go through the mayor's requisition process and dhr
Jun 28, 2013 5:00pm PDT
says we're in a deficit. there was no deficit. the following year, there was a surplus. >> there's $125 million per year for the next ten years. who do you trust? they lied to us in '09. they're lying to us now. >> if the talks stall, so will trains. riders say all they want is -- >> b.a.r.t. isn't really a city, so i think that's going to be a lot of chaos. >> i need b.a.r.t. i hope it settles. >> other transit agencies like cal train, going to try and help out monday if the strikes do go through, but ap transit is facing a strike of its own. b.a.r.t. encouraging people they're going to have limited bus service during peak commute hours, but that can only serve 2 to 4,000 people each day, so encouraging you to car pool and if you to that, each one of our 33 stations parking lots is open and free for you to use. >> thank you. we're going to get back to our breaking news. we've been following the story at san francisco city hall. gay marriages are resuming now after the stay was lifted just a couple of hours ago. a central figure in all of this for the last ten years has been then s
Jun 30, 2013 7:30pm EDT
to deal with the deficit. the only way you're going to do that is bipartisan compromise. we need an immigration bill. we need a tax reform that lets us raise the revenues we need, and be competitive. we need to reform medicare and social security. so we need more, and we need more action from congress and the executive branch. >> in terms of the fiscal policy. why is it so -- i mean, you're a business guy first. but you were in government, you know how it works. how is it so difficult to get tax reform going and an immigration agreement? >> well, to me, that's really the question. i think the fed has been asked to do a lot, because, you know, the rest of the government is doing very little. frankly. and so we need some of these other things. and we have to win challenges. and they go together. and they are the need for more growth, and for more actions to deal with, with the debt problem, with the deficit. >> a lot of people would like to see mortgages move to the private sector. it's still 90%? of mortgages are issued by fannie and freddie? >> yeah. at the time of the crisis, i thi
FOX Business
Jun 27, 2013 5:00pm EDT
but again like education is the long-term issue with the size of the deficit. melissa: it is that rewarded for long-term thinking so that makes it sound like that is the problem. >> the real problem is they wait until they get to the actual crisis? fortunately the politicians have overreacted. but that didn't happen. it is the same and the problem for the country is in greece everything was fine. >> interest-rate will spike in the currency of the system. because the economy is doing better because of deficit is near 1 billion that is not a good number and is simply we have to get this in balance but just to put it get it 10 year program and hopefully we can press for that. melissa: does the fed get out clean? >> the issue for the government just like the deficit to slow walk out of this expansionary policy. behalf to be careful in they have to do do it cautiously over a period of time. so they have a tough job on their hands but the solution just like the deficit will be a five or seven year plan to smooth it out to get where it was. melissa: he also said the chief energy would fu
Jul 2, 2013 7:00pm PDT
a huge deficit. tepco posted more than $6.8 billion in losses for the year through march. the firm must return to the black by march next year in order to receive taxpayer money and bank loans to rebuild its finances. it says by operating just one reactor, it can cut fuel costs by about $10 million a month. >>> delegates from around 120 countries say they must do more to protect nuclear facilities from terrorist attacks. they have agreed tosecurity gui the international atomic energy agency. they hosted a meeting in vienna, austria. it's the first such event to focus on nuclear security. >> if a dirty bomb is detonated in a major city or sabotage occurs at a nuclear facility, the consequences could be devastating. the threat of nuclear terrorism is real. >> the delegates adopted a declaration, pledging to follow the iaea's nuclear security guidelines. they also agreed to minimize the use of highly enriched uranium. the material can be made into nuclear weapons. authorities say they're also concerned about terrorists getting hold of radioactive materials in hospitals and factories.
Jun 29, 2013 11:30am PDT
surplus. and i don't understand how you are approaching the coming fiscal year in a budget deficit when you are starting from the beginning and you are operating at full staffing and what is budgeted at the appropriate steps and the appropriate benefits are to meet the needs of of course, the existing staff. understanding that potentially people retire and find other jobs and there are costs associated with maybe a pay out which from my understanding that has been accounted for. and but i don't understand, i don't understand anything other than that. >> and i appreciate the points that you are raising. the concern that we have is that we are going into a budget that we know that if we have no salary savings, we would be at a deficit, right? i don't believe that that is a good business model. >> so it is salary savings. >> it is 270 would entail that as people leave, that we would not be backfilling certainty, two positions and whether at that time of year that will occur. and the one of the things that we try to do is that we try to perhaps reach an agreement that we met somewhere
Jul 5, 2013 4:00am PDT
deficit by $3.7 billion, and that amount is a problem for most senate democrats. majority leader harry reid says it's too much to collect from students. >> we don't think there should be deficit reduction based on the backs of these young men and women who are trying to go to college. >> reporter: the senate is working on a compromised bill, and all sides promise the 6.8% rate will be reversed with a credit to any student who pays it, but when congress left for home, there were major differences between the house and the senate, and the pathway to this promised deal isn't clear. wyatt andrews, cbs news, washington. >>> well, straight ahead, your friday morning weather, and subway shocker. a woman falls onto the tracks of an oncoming train, but there's a surprise ending to this story. a surprise ending to this story. [ male announcer ] frequent heartburn? the choice is yours. chalky... not chalky. temporary... 24 hour. lots of tablets... one pill. you decide. prevent acid with prevacid 24hr. it can only be called black silk. from folgers. a taste you can enjoy fresh brewed one cup at a
Jul 1, 2013 12:00am EDT
well as a record deficit. but it is this government as the chancellor will announce in a minute that are providing half a million extra school places. >> i don't think he knew the answer to that one, mr. speaker. let's try another one. in october 2011 he said he wanted to bring forward and again i quote from the prime minister, every single infrastructure project that is in the pipeline. so out of 576 projects set out in that plan, how many have been completed? >> let me give him the figures for infrastructure spending. our annual infrastructure investment is 33 billion pounds a year. that is 4 billion more every year than ever achieved under labour. now let me give them the figures for both schemes. we are investing more in major road schemes in each of the first -- >> order. the answer from the prime minister must be heard, and questions to him from whichever side of the house must be heard. it's very clear, very simple. it's called democracy. the prime minister. >> mr. speaker, he asked the question how many of the schemes have been completed. you cannot build a nuclear power stat
FOX Business
Jun 28, 2013 3:00pm EDT
emerging markets? >> some of these countries make it more difficult to fund those deficits. the currency of which country has fallen the most? those that run a large deficit india, brazil. but that they have the deficit over the last decade with easier liquidity flowing from the u.s. but now that the institutions are risk averse the central bank will think about tapering down and what is going on line is the liquidity to perform. cheryl: and the contrary in in me says it is said great time to buy with the atf. >> it is not a great time for passive investing in the emerging market. you have to pick your spot. 80 percent of the population are 35 percent of the global economy and they are diverse countries with different cycles and this is generalized but i think it is the wrong thing to do. the last decade the rising tide of global liquidity lifted all the markets but that is running out and now you have to pick your spot. cheryl: i know you have the book and i will say this that morgan stanley is the investment firm and a bank out in active in the markets. head of emerging markets of course,
Jun 27, 2013 6:00pm PDT
gobernador todo era felicidad, aprobaron el presupuesto sin dÉficit. >>> estamos invirtiendo en programas claves, este presupuesto entra en vigor el lunes. >>> junto con el presupuesto aprobado loy en el capitolio, se aeprobÓ el servicio mÉdico para californianos que se acopla con el obamacare, y muchos sin recursos no pagaran nada por servicios mÉdicos. >>> mÁs gente tendra posibilidad de tener aseguranza sin pagar y todos esos servicios incluyen hospital, medicamentos, para niÑos y adultos, mÁs beneficios y mejores, y para mÁs gente. >>> una de esas familias puede ser la de esta seÑora que tiene que visitar esta clÍnica comunitaria. >>> en vez de ir al hospital, sale a las 5 en vez de las 8 de la maÑana para hacerse cualquier chequeo. > >>>. ♪. ♪. >>> gracias jairo, y estudiantes podrÍan pagar mayor tasa de interÉs por sus creditos escolares si el senado no toma cartas en el asunto. segÚn legisladores en julio se cumple el plazo para tomar una decisiÓn. >>> la tasa fija subiÓ a 4,46 por ciento, y traducido a la vida real, un comprador de una vivienda pagarÁ 56 dÓlar
Jun 30, 2013 12:00pm PDT
dÉficit nacional los prÓximos 20 aÑos por casi un trillo de dÓlares, asÍ que no es creible los argumentos que lo que se oponen dijeron. ellos solamente se oponen porque ellos no estÁn dispuestos de aceptar una vÍa a la ciudadania, en lugar de decir eso tratan de usarlo los otros argumentos. >>> ¿serÁ difÍcil que se apruebe una versiÓn en la cÁmara baja?. es importante que usted le hable a la comunidad cuando ve que el primer paso ha sido victorioso, falta mucho por hacer tambiÉn. >>> no hay duda, esto ha sido una lucha de una generaciÓn casi, pero se ve que se puede lograr, si podemos conseguir 68 votos, mÁs de dos tercios del senado en una forma bipartidista podemos, aunque es cierto que serÁ mas difÍcil, si nuestra comunidad inmigrante, si los sectores comerciales que quieren ver la ley pasar, la cÁmara de comercio nacional, los sindicatos nacionales, todas las instituciones religiosas que apoyaron la ley, si todo se enfoca en la cÁmara de representantes si seguimos la presiÓn, alzando la voz podemos lograr esta oportunidad, no podemos darnos por vencido de por
Jul 3, 2013 2:00am PDT
affective deficits. absolutely they do. there has been hundreds of years of psychiatric research shows that they do. you have this two prong thing. on the one hand more dangerous if you release them and don't treat them. on the other hand, they're affectively different. there was a very nice article in the "new york times" magazine on mother's day about children who have these emerging traits and how we would develop and understand and treat them. it's a small percentage. my goal is to develop better treatment so they can keep them off that trajectory towards life course persistent problems. >> are you saying that people that have the brain structure that you have identified will always be lacking in volitional control or impulse receive to the extent that they are criminals? do we have a subset of people that are criminals because of their brains? >> i should really differentiate psychopathy from criminality. there are a lot of reasons why individuals engage in different criminal activity. it's a very small percentage of prisoners that are just about 15 to 20% depending on secur
Jul 4, 2013 5:30pm PDT
maximum of 8.5%. but the republican bill would also help to lower the deficit by $3.7 billion, and that amount is a problem for most senate democrats. majority leader harry reid says it's too much to collect from students. >> we don't think there should be deficit reduction based on the backs of these young men and women that are trying to go to college. >> reporter: the senate is working on a compromise bill, and all sides promise the 6.8% rate will be reversed with a credit to any student who pays it. but when congress left for home, there were major differences between the house and the senate, and the pathway to this promised deal isn't clear. wyatt andrews, cbs news, washington. >> glor: first it was the u.s. government collecting phone records, now we've learned the u.s. postal service is photographing mail, but it's not part of any secret surveillance program. post office computers photograph the exterior of all first class mail to read the zip codes as part of the delivery process. the photos are kept only for a few days, but law enforcement agents can use them in criminal
Jul 3, 2013 11:30pm PDT
. brandon moss and feast or famine? deficit cut to one. we move to the 9th. the a's down 3-1 and the tieing run at the plate. strikes out to end it. 3-1 the final combined with a texas loss. well, it is always a good test of a team's resolve to see how they resolve after having a no hitter. homer bailey chilling after the no hitter last night. abreu gets the first hit of the game in the opening frame and it gets the biggest hit in the fifth. upper deck, his first of the year. a two-run shot and the giants lead it 2-1. after bailing the giants out of trouble in the bottom of the fifth he hangs a change up and in the bottom of the 6th and it is a 2-2 game and we go to extras. lopez on the mound. look what i found. snags a come backer from philips in the 10th. but he couldn't snag a win in relief. in the 11th, two outs for chu and base hit to right and todd frasier scores and 3-2 the final and giants have won 9 of the last 10. san jose trailing in the 14th minute. throw goals in two games and a double header off the post. second try goes. 2-2 game. 84th minute. the game winner and fire and a 3
FOX Business
Jun 28, 2013 12:00am EDT
employee 22 mmllion that where the kids go to school or a $17 trillion deficit, passing dog frank, a bailout, how much can we be angry about? >> it is all bad bet with direct violation and someone tries to infringe on the fourth amendment those are serious threats in more serious thannthe financial exploitation fifth government is involved in. it is true it is bloated i have been no bigger advocate to but we have to look at our civil liberties reid fatah revolution in the 1700's because of civil liberties violations. john: then we got the fourth amendment because british soldiers go into people's homes to search your most private space. how is looking for patterns like that? >> the problem is the legal theory that any time you use a third-party provider in those papers are electronics so most from modern times that the government uses the false logic fact is available to the public the government has the right because it is no longer private and it is ridiculous john: would you say that 50 terrorist incidents were stacked? >> we don't know it is accurate most is classified but the co
Jun 26, 2013 10:30pm PDT
become closer to getting rid of that deficit that we have had for a couple of years. this is actually, it may be heard to interpret these numbers but these are much more encouraging than the equivalent numbers that we have shown on the same evening the last few year when we look at the projections over two or three years. it has been sort of horrifying. so the fact that we can see and are beginning to rely on this revenue growth from the lcsf that is of course going to be subject to the state keeping their commitments and the economy recovering as it is expected to do. and prop 98 growing as it is expected to do if all of that stays on track, then we will expect to see the revenue trajectory that is shown here. and you can see that that structural deficit is in that middle of that line revenue is less expenditures and we expect that for next year that that starts to narrow. and hopefully go away, the following year. so if the last slide just restates some of what commissioner wynns reported out that we do know that there are several juicy topics, this is not an exhausted list
FOX Business
Jun 27, 2013 9:20am EDT
country's deficit? find out at the top of the hour, we are covering it. will drinking to energy drinks per day kill you? for one month of the answer is yes, she is doing. the dow up nearly 120. clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (ann) to help melan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to impre my strategy. and my local scottrade office guides my learning every step of the way. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like m i'm with scorade. (announcer) scottrade... ranked "highest in customer loyalty r brokerage and investment companies." stuart: what is the top winner on the dow went and i was up 120? the answer is bowling. right now bowling is up when a half percentage points. 102 on boeing. 1.3% gain, best winner all day. all right, and we have monster energy drink being linked in a lawsuit to another death. this time a 19-year-old boy who allegedly drank two cans per day of monster beverage. for three years. went into cardiac arrest and died. now his mo
Jun 27, 2013 4:00pm EDT
conditions today, a deficit widening out and starting to converge, the energy picture, what that means for manufacturing the country, how much liquidity there is. you look at a lost these elements and say, my gosh, these conditions are ripe. i think this is a very good market. on the other hand you look at sentiment. that is not shocking. very big trauma. very recent. but the fact of the matter is we've chewed through a lot of problems. some of them are still there. just think, what have we been talking about a year ago? gosh, is italy -- is portugal and italy, greece, u.s. losing its rating. budget deficits growing out to the lines, never converging. and then you compare to where we are today. i'm in the risk management business. i can sit here for three hours and tell you and i wouldn't be done telling you all of the things i'm worried about. but if you ask me what i think is likely, we muddle through and we are muddling through and we are part of the cycle. >> what about the federal reserves impact here. we are talking about the implications of central banks monetary policy. b
Jul 4, 2013 8:00pm EDT
. it's a deficit. it's a part of your brain that is not working properly. it is nothing you would wish upon a child and yet in one case after another many the most famous entrepreneurs we know have lived their whole lives with this devastating disorder and if you talk to them they will tell you that they succeeded not in spite of this disorder but because of it. that it taught them something about how to deal with the world and that proved to be incredibly valuable -- valuable in their career. there is something very beautiful about those and very moving about those kinds of stories. i tell a couple of them and it's a beautiful illustration of this sort of paradox i am interested in describing which is very often we learn more from our disadvantages than we do from our advantages. >> malcolm gladwell is there any connection between david and goliath tipping point and outliers? >> i wish there were. i wish there were some grand unfolding narrative so i could argue if he owned one you owned one you had to own them all but i don't think there is. i think they happen to be what i was inter
Jun 30, 2013 1:30pm PDT
savings, we would be at a deficit, right? i don't believe that that is a good business model. >> so it is salary savings. >> it is 270 would entail that as people leave, that we would not be backfilling certainty, two positions and whether at that time of year that will occur. and the one of the things that we try to do is that we try to perhaps reach an agreement that we met somewhere in the middle, you know, somewhere in the midway here and that was not possible. and the budget analyst refused to reduce... >> and we believe, that it is just not wise for us to say that we are okay with this reduction, and understanding that it would be under funding or currents. >> mr. chairman, and members of the committee, you heard the district attorney state that he is acknowledging that a portion of our cut is correct. he is saying that there could be a compromise, we compromise all of the time with the departments. which you see, during this budget process. and the reason why we didn't agree is because our numbers back up what we are stating. but at the minimum, the district attorney is stating
Jul 2, 2013 12:00am PDT
deficits looking out 15, 20, 30 years are going to be under control. what congress and the white house have done is just the opposite. they've tightened in the short run and done nothing in the long run. >> charlie: over the next ten years the level of debt to g.d.p. is sustainable? >> yes. charlie: right. but that fails to look out to 10 to 20 years. if you're going to get control over the 10- to 20-year period you actually have to start doing some of that stuff now so people have time to prepare for it. >> and that's the big problem is what's going to happen 10 to 20 years from now with medicare and so on. there's no reason except for politics why we couldn't have a short-run stimulus that would be helpful. >> charlie: you blame that on the politics of what? >> the dysfunction in congress. the ideology. >> charlie: is it the dysfunction of one party, of the wing of one party or is it dysfunction in the ability of serious people to find a solution? >> there's an unwillingness to compromise. i guess i would blame it on the house republicans if you want me to be explicit. >> charlie: al
Jun 27, 2013 12:00pm EDT
this bill doesn't increase our deficit but reduces it over the first ten years by $197 billion, over the next ten years by $700 billion. colorado said, we want a bill that's focused on families and keeping families together. this bill does that by clearing the green card back drog ensuring -- backlog, ensuring family members are able to reunite more quickly. better protection for children in detention in the immigrant court system. and finally, we called for a commonsense approach to the 11 million and this bill does that with a tough but fair path to citizenship for the 11 million. mr. president, like so many people in this chamber, my life story is a story of immigration because i am the son of an immigrant. my mom was born in poland in 1938 while nazi tanks massed at the border. and she and her parents miraculously survived one of the worst human events in our history, the holocaust. and after going to sweden and mexico city, they were able to come to new york city in 1950. my mom was almost 12 years old. she was the only one in the family that could speak any english at all. on m
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